Jewellery selfmade. Order online now! We are producer for jewellery, necklace, earring, earring wires, bracelet, collier, earhook manufacturer and erring wires producer.
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BELLASIX ® Jewellery selfmade  
Make jewelry yourself now & buy directly from the manufacturer. MADE IN GERMANY

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Jewelry designed by yourself now! Drag the elements from top to bottom into the red frame.
This is a few inches (section of line) of a necklace.


Now convert to image (takes a few seconds)  

 Step 1: 
Click on "Now convert to image"

 Step 2: 
In the LOWER red frame (it only appears after clicking in step 1), right-click on "Save graphic as" and save the image on your PC in PNG format.

 Step 3: 
Send Email / price inquiry now, please with the following information:

a)   The photo you saved in the file attachment
b)   Desired length of the special order
c)   Type: Necklace or bracelet
d)   Quantity
e)   Customer category: End customer, retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer

⟩ ⟩   Please send inquiries to:

⟩ ⟩   Alternatively you can reach us via:  Contact partner

Immediately we will make you an offer after receipt of your email.

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Selfmade jewellery from the jewellery manufacturer

Selfmade jewellery Made in Germany | by producer. We are a German jewellery producer and offer selfmade jewellery by our jewellery configurator, moreover we are manufacturer for semifinished product, jewellery components and supplier for end-consumers, retail / retailers with store or online, wholesale and producer for bijouterie industrie. Our enterprise is producer and manufacturer, firm location in Germany.
We are producer for necklaces, bracelets, collier, earrings and ear hooks / earring wires.
Handicraft Made in Germany is our directory in jewelry production. We are processing Achate, Amethyst, Appatite, Aquamarine, Mountain Crystal, Chalcedony, Chrysokolla, Gemstone, Hematine, Jade, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Lava, Pearl, Smoky quartz, Sardonyx, Sunstone, Turquoise, Tiger Eye, Tiger Iron. We produce necklace, bracelet, collier, earrings and ear hooks / earring wires and special desgins and jeweller for oversizes / plus sizes.

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